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Ultrasonic, Ion, and Hot/Cool
3 differerent skin care mode, All in one device !


Let’s open up the pores with HOT mode!

Let’s close up the pores with COOL mode!

LED (Blue/Red) : BLUE LED : COOL massage / RED LED : HOT 

ION : LED lights on when garvanic ion operates.
ULTRASONIC : LED lights on when ultrasonic 3MHz (3 million/sec.) operates.
CLEAN MODE : Waste removal, skin tone Improvement, whitening with thermal (HOT) and (+) ion.
NUTRITION MODE : HOT(thermal) and ultrasonic helps skin rejuvenation, blood circulation
  and anti-wrinkle through penetrating functional cosmetics into the dermis layer.
LIFTING MODE : COOL massage and garvanic ion helps to calm the swollen skin, improve skin elasticity and   reduce the pores. 





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