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 Derma Spot Remover "Free Spot"


This machine is suggested to be used by professional. Spot removal machine promote epidermal cell necrosis through the high-frequency electric coagulation, can be wiped out the face and spots on the skin surface in an instant, such as age spots, freckles, granulation, eyeliner, tattoos, moles and so on, without Bleeding, no scarring, and the effect is obvious. 


▶ Two Control System; Power and Mode

▶ High Frequency; Low Pain and No Scar

▶ OLED Control System; Stabled Energy and Delicate Control


Moles and skin lesions can be unsightly especially when on exposed parts of our body, however they can now be easily be removed with minimal risk of scarring using a new revolutionary method known as radio surgery. The machine used in this method to treatment emits ultra high frequency radio waves which literally vaporize the cells of the mole but leaves the healthy skin cells below with little or no tissue damage to allow very quick healing process and minimal risk of any scarring. Radio Surgery is ideal for any raised lesion on the skin, especially the face, due to the superior healing it offers.editorimg




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free spot_ derma spot remover